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Not Today Mercury! Gift Set

Not Today Mercury! Gift Set

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Mercury retrograde is when mercury appears to be going backwards in its orbit. During this time many experience higher levels of stress in their everyday lives and work. This gift set encourages one to take time for yourself, to simply tell Mercury, "Not Today!"

This gift set includes:

White Sage : Used to clear the mind, a purifier, and negate negative energies

Raw Hematite : Associated with focus, concentration & willpower

Apache Tears : Associated with properties of protection, purification and grounding

Smoky Quartz : Associated as a calming and grounding stone, believed to uplift emotions of depression and other negative emotions

Howlite : Associated with properties of calming the mind, bringing peace to an overactive mind

Not Today Mercury Bath Bomb - Soak in a warm tub to ease and relax during stressful times. Surprise crystal and message inside!