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A Handbook for the Spiritual Traveler

A Handbook for the Spiritual Traveler

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A Handbook for the Spiritual Traveler will challenge you to
become a better spiritual being and increase your personal growth and
understanding. If you have some suffering within your soul, are discontent with
the traditional values of the world or are feeling restless with your
comfortable lifestyle, then this book is for you! Along with a major
autobiographical component, A Handbook for the Spiritual Traveler
provides an easy-to-read, alphabetical summary of over 20 spiritual and New Age
topics such as:


History of Souls; Meaning of Life; Meditation and Prayer; Karma and Reincarnation; Near Death Experiences and Out of Body Experiences; The Spiritual Significance of Dreams; Examples of Mind Over Body; Learn about Spirit Guides and Angels; The Spiritual Ramifications of Suicide; And More....

About the Author

Riaz Manji was born in
Tanzania, East Africa. In 1971, when he was thirteen years old, he moved to
England and four years later, to his present home in Canada. In 1981, he
completed a degree in Commerce and then successfully worked in the oil and gas
industry for more than eighteen years. Manji started writing A Handbook for
the Spiritual Traveler
 while taking care of his mother, who was dying of
cancer. This experience, as well as other significant events in his life, caused
him to search deeply for an understanding of the human spirit. Manji has spent
over a decade probing into universal concerns such as the meaning of our life
here on Earth and the immortal nature of the soul. In A Handbook for the
Spiritual Traveler
, Manji presents a summary of his findings in an
easy-to-read and engaging manner. He hopes that his Handbook will assist other
spiritual travelers in their journeys.