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How to Be Irish (Even If You Already Are)

How to Be Irish (Even If You Already Are)

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Luck has nothing to do with it!

Of course you want to be Irish. Look what it did for Daniel Day-Lewis, Sinead, Maeve Binchy, Roddy Doyle, JFK, Seamus Heaney, Angela's Ashes, and all those Riverdancers. But until now, the secrets of how to be Irish have been hidden in a Celtic Twilight of blather and blarney.
Now this easy-to-read (with plenty o' pictures) handbook dares to tell you:

  How to have an Irish name
  How to talk, look, and act Irish    
  How to vote Irish  
  How to have thin skin, a terrible temper, and the gift of gab

Whether you're proudly Irish, anti-Irish, fallen-away Irish, or would-be Irish--that is to say...