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Inside Purple Door Membership

Inside Purple Door Membership

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This is the picture my daughter created for me when I talked about opening Purple Door....I had no idea what it would become. How Purple Door would grow and change and help so many people.  



Then as we faced a pandemic, how Purple Door and I would grow and transform yet again....I've been having nudges, hints and messages for quite a long time...but with losing my Dad and physical space in the same week last year, I understandably ignored them.


Then last week I received a larger nudge (it knocked me over...) and I decided I need  jump into this transformation process with Purple Door fully.  This really began for me during my Tower moment, the time I spent being hunted, attacked and harassed in a witch hunt...between 2015 and 2016. 


While I was going through the experience of being hunted as a witch, I was reaching out to anyone and everyone for help.  Help to protect myself, help to figure out why, help to get myself out of this situation...I found it was so hard to:


  1. A) reach out for help - being vulnerable with people was already so hard...
  2. B) find help I could afford, which made me feel even worse about my situation,
  3. C) find something that would support me through the whole process of transformation,
  4. D) feel worthy of help,
  5. E) trust myself again.


Since we've moved online, during covid (don't worry, we're looking for a new physical space too!), Purple Door and I  have missed the healing, classes and workshops....much like my dream of discovering the name for Purple Door...I had a dream of where Purple Door wants to be now. 


A place of Healing, learning and growing.  A safe space for exploring your interests.  An online  community.


So, I'm opening a membership program where I will share all of my skills, knowledge, gifts and love.  Each month I will host a Masterclass, a Mediation, a workbook and a live Q&A.   I will also have guest Healers, Readers and Mediums on to help us all transform our lives, starting naturally - with ourselves. 


I'm super excited about the possibilities of creating an online community, to grow with, learn and  support one another through the journey of change. 


For those that don't know me, my name is Elizabeth Moore, I'm the owner of Purple Door and I'm also a Life Coach, Mindfulness Teacher and Energy Healer. 


For those joining now, you will be considered Founding Members and the price will remain the same for as long as you continue your membership.   The monthly subscription is $33 +tax.


For those who join later, the cost will be higher.  I am offering an intense and full program that you can work through at your own speed and with me guiding you. 


I am here to teach You to:

  1. create the life they want,
  2. to make the changes they know they need to make, and
  3. to support them with tools, friendship and help.


Help I was afraid to ask for, help I didn't think I was worthy of to make the choices that will grow your soul and change your life.  If you're ready to get started, message me for the details.




I teach women how to make the changes to their lives, that they want, in an easy process-while being supported and celebrated.