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Inspiring Birth Stories

Inspiring Birth Stories

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Inspiring Birth Stories belongs on the nightstand of every mom-to-be.

Women just like you share their stories of strength, determination, and triumph. Bursting with optimism, their words build confidence, ease doubts and fears, and make you smile.

The perfect birth companion whether this is your first baby or your ninth. Lighthearted and informative, Inspiring Birth Stories shows a positive birth experience is possible, no matter how your birth unfolds.

If you are pregnant, plan to be, or know someone whos is, Inspiring Birth Stories is for you.

  • 42 Incredible Birth Stories
  • The Best Birth Possible
  • Dream, Relax, Breathe
  • Love and Laughter in Labor
  • Pregnancy and Birth Affirmations
  • Avoiding Party Poopers

...and SO much more!!