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The Gradual Vegetarian

The Gradual Vegetarian

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Step-by-step to a new way of life!

Do you want to cut down on meat eating or adapt a completely vegetarian diet?  Whatever your goal. Lisa Tracy has written the book that takes all the trouble out of the transition.  She shows you how to get started and lets you take it as far as you want to go.

Stage one - includes poultry and fish
Stage two  - includes fish
Stage three - the total vegetarian diet

Let her show you how to:

  • analyze your diet
  • plan your strategy
  • reorganize your kitchen for great meals in minutes
  • shop supermarkets and health food stores
  • become an expert on everything from sweeteners and sprouts to seeds and seaweeds
  • answer the complex carbohydrate question
  • attack your allergies
  • dine out in style
  • live with meat eaters and bologna lovers
  • and much, much more

Complete with delicious recipes for every step of the way, The Gradual Vegetarian takes you where you want to go - toward a better way of eating and living.

Author : Lisa Tracy