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The Great Depression 1929-1239

The Great Depression 1929-1239

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In The Great Depression...

Half the wage earners in Canada were on relief. One Canadian in five was public dependent.

From 1930 to 1936 the federal government spent more of the taxpayers' money to service the debt of the Canadian National Railways than it did to unemployment relief.

Anyone who sold or advertised any birth control device could go to prison for two years.

Prime Minister Mackenzie Kign praised both Hitler and Mussolini but thought that Winston Churchill was "one of the most dangerous men I have ever known."

Toronto police forced deletion of the word "bathroom" from the script of Robert Sherwood's play Reunion in Vienna.

A Montreal businessman found his house padlocked by the police because of his political opinions. When he tried to re-enter it, he was imprisoned for two years.

An attempt was made to assassinate Tim Buck, the Communist leader, while he was locked in his prison cell. Pierre Berton calls it "an attempt at political murder."

Author : Pierce Berton