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The Peanut Butter Diet

The Peanut Butter Diet

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Eat peanut butter every day and lose all the weight you want!

The amazing plan that lets you
Lose weight * Lower your cholesterol * Slash your risk of heart disease and diabetes

Slim down with your favorite comfort food!

Peanut butter not only tastes great, it's also very good for you. You can eat it every day and still lose weight! Many health-conscious dieters have shied away from this tempting treat, but new studies show that peanut butter can actually lower your risk for heart disease and diabetes and help you shed unwanted pounds. And because The Peanut Butter Diet is so satisfying, those who follow it may be more successful at slimming down than those who choose a traditional low-fat diet.

Dig in and discover:

* 50 fast-and-fabulous recipes
* 4 weeks of delicious, super-easy meal plans
* A day-by-day diet you can stick to-- even when you're eating out
* Fitness strategies to boost your metabolism and decrease body fat
* Special tips and treats for the whole family