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The Scorpion Sanction

The Scorpion Sanction

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Can enemies work together for the common good?

Ahmed Rahman, head of Egypts International Security, a good and humane man.

Uri Bar-Zeev, former Mossad secret agent, bitter man, tired of endless war.

Professor Munir, secret head of a fanatical sect: Wind of the Desert. Their symbol: the scorpion, branded on the instep of their feet.

Bill Leamington, the young, brilliant American president of Venture International, in Egypt on a high-level business deal.

Nicole Honeyworth, Leamington's assistant, a beautiful red-head who is both right-hand person and bedmate.

Juan Herrara, an Argentinian terrorist, now a corpse. It is the discovery of his dead body that starts a chain reaction of explosive events...