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Urban Ease

Urban Ease

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People from small towns think cities are crowded, noisy, chaotic and demanding.  People who live in big cities know the truth - out of towners are right.  Like the pounding of a jack hammer or a predawn garbage truck, the stresses of big city life are something urban dwellers have learned to live with,  But why let the pressures get you down? 

Written by a clinical psychologist and expert in stress management, Urban Ease is the essential guide for clearing away the clutter of the city and appreciating the reasons you're here in the first place.  Take a break and discover....

  • How to measure your urban stress level - and avoid the triggers that set you off
  • How to cope with the most common big city hassles - one at a time
  • Stress relief strategies - and how to create your own urban oasis
  • Advice on managing your time, money and space
  • How to become one with your neighbourhood


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